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Azerbaijan to host Baku Water Week for the first time

Our world faces a few brandnew challenges today; one of the top issues on this list is the lack of water resources that threatens humanity as a whole. A reliable water supply and effective management of water resources is therefore a global-scale strategic objective.

Azerbaijan is no exclusion here; the water resource management plays a critical role in terms of both ecology and water security of the state.

To that end, early in 2024, Baku is hosting the next international event of enormous significance for both our country and the wider region. It will see the discussions of the further development of this field in Azerbaijan, current challenges and their solutions, and new opportunities for the stakeholders. First time ever, Baku Water Week is taking place on 12-14 March 2024 at the Baku Expo Center, featuring the International Water Industry Exhibition and Conference.

Its primary objective is to attract new technologies, equipment, and investments that will promote the development of this industry in Azerbaijan; its participants and guests will be talking critical issues, new projects, and cooperation.

The Week will be presenting such sections as construction and drilling equipment; water purification, supply, and treatment; design and construction of water industry facilities; ICT in water resource management; water desalination technologies; disaster management technologies; lab equipment; wastewater and stormwater discharge and treatment systems.

The State Agency of Water Resources of Azerbaijan provides an official support to the event. The organizer of Baku Water Week is Caspian Event Organisers LLC.

Speaking of Baku Water Week, Chairman of the Agency, Zaur Mikayilov said such an event in our country is quite a commendable undertaking. “I believe this event will enable experts, government agencies, and the private sector to share their knowledge and experience, review new ideas, and find innovative solutions for water-related problems. It will feature conferences, panel discussions, and sessions that will help to offer practical solutions in the fields of water resource management, water supply and raise the community’s awareness of the importance of sustainable use and management of water resources.” He said an international water industry event would underpin the implementation of new technologies in Azerbaijan and expand cooperation between local and foreign businesses.

In his turn, Farid Mammadov, CEO of Caspian Event Organisers, said Baku Water Week would encompass a broad range of topics of importance to both our state and many other countries. “I am positive that Baku Water Week will be a critical platform that will attract new technologies and investments and help to develop this industry in our country. It will see the demonstration of state-of-the-art technologies, and local companies will be able to benefit from the international experience and foreign companies to present their products and establish new links on a new platform. The critical role of the support our event is enjoying from the newly established State Agency of Water Resources deserves a special mention – it guarantees the event will be created and managed at the highest level.”

Dependable water supply for the country is among the top priority dimensions of the governmental policy; as part of a set of urgent actions outlined by President Ilham Aliyev, the country has lately seen the implementation of numerous projects; a continuous work has been carried out to improve water resource and facilities management efficiency, and irrigation and waterworks facilities have been constructed in line with latest requirements.

Some time ago, the head of state signed the order to implement a pilot seawater desalination project that will help improve water supply to Baku and adjacent areas.

In view of these developments, Baku Water Week should serve a platform for the sector’s leading representatives and state officials to exchange their thoughts on water security and efficient use and management of water resources, as well as to present cutting-edge technologies and new areas of cooperation in the industry.

It worth to remind that Baku Water is taking place on 12-14 March 2024 at the Baku Expo Center.



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